A body in the river. Not unusual for London, and generally not newsworthy. So why are your sources telling you that it’s in the Bureau of Unnatural Registry’s morgue?


It is not unexpected for one to be fashionably late; but really, to miss elevenses completely is rather rude. Up to now, your contact has been a very punctual informant. This is too tiresome.


You’ve been up to the British Museum to talk to the Boss. You hate to break up the Queen’s soiree, however something like this is way above your pay-grade. But is seems the Boss isn’t quite himself at the moment and it looks like this body, and this investigation is now your problem…Bloody bollocking hells!


Nefarious Menacing Tea Cup presents a game of crime, mystery, espionage and steampunk for 5 players set in the supernatural Victorian London of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate novels. Trying to save the Empire, just in time for supper and the evening post.


The Game Supernatural true crime mystery for 5 players in an alternative Victorian London.
Seriousness Light/Moderate to Serious depending on players
Genre/Setting Supernatural Victoriana with etiquette, battle-parasols & treacle tart(Knowledge of the Parasol Protectorate setting is beneficial but not required)
System Manners System by Nefarious Menacing Teacup. (A variant of the Etiquette System by David James and Sandra d’Argeavel. No previous knowledge of this very simple system is required)
Movie Rating MA – R (occult/supernatural/horror themes) depending on players