The Characters

MT   Mr. Elmer Wibbley – The Intrepid Rookie Journalist

“A body in the river. Not unusual for London, and generally not newsworthy. So why are my sources telling me that it’s in the Bureau of Unnatural Registry’s morgue?”

ST   Miss. Sophronia Angelina Temminnick – The Accomplished Intelligencer

“It is not unexpected for one to be fashionably late; but really, to miss elevenses completely is rather rude. Up to now, my contact has been a very punctual informant. This is too tiresome.”

soap2   Mr. Phineas B Crow (aka Soap) – The Werewolf Operative

“A lovely morning gathering herbs in the Chelsea Physic Garden…and then someone has to go drag a body out the river nearby.”

35d0a9681f86ea5ac68ae4360d43125d  Mr. Clarence Haverbink – The B.U.R.’s Best London Field Agent

“When the Boss is too busy, it looks like this body, and this investigation is now my problem…Bloody bollocking hells!”

Untitled   Mdme. Etta Cholmondeley – The B.U.R.’s Day-Watch chief medical examiner

“I rather thought today was going to be dull. Now there’s a mystery to solve. How invigorating.”