The B.U.R. – Bureau of Unnatural Registry

Welcome to the The Bureau of Unnatural Registry, or B.U.R. Before we begin, please familiarise yourself with the following as part of your induction:

10 Rules for Workplace Safety during the Amaranthine Eclipse

What to Do in a Medical Emergency!

The B.U.R. is an arm of Her Majesty’s Government that has oversight for Supernatural Law Enforcement within the British Empire.

Our organisation is headquartered in London, in a small Georgian building off Fleet Street near the Times offices. Satellite offices can be found in most major cities of the empire; and in rural areas, training is provided for field agents drawn from the local constabulary.

The B.U.R. is comprised largely of werewolf officers and field agents, followed in numbers by vampires, as part of the city Night Watch, and mortal employees. Women may also find employment with the B.U.R.

The B.U.R. also employs a number of ghost agents in the Greater London Metropolitan Area —exhumed and preserved bodies with tethered spectres are placed in select locales around the city to gather information. Each ghost’s tether crosses the limits of at least one other, creating a communication network that stretches the length and breadth of London.

Lord Conall Maccon, Alpha of the Woolsey Werewolf Pack, is the current head of the London BUR office and Chief Sundowner (an official title given to those with licence to exercise lethal force against another supernatural), you can meet him tomorrow, as he, and his second in command (Woolsey Pack Beta, Professor Randolph Lyall) have the day off. The Officer in Charge is Mr Haverbink, who you should now go an report to.