The Supernaturals


Werewolf Werewolves – Packs & Loners

Werewolves were once mortals born with excess soul, which allowed them to become supernatural creatures who can shift from human to wolf forms at will, except for nights in which there is a full moon. On those nights, they stay in their wolf form until sunrise, and become irregularly feral. In both forms, werewolves possess strength and speed far superior to that of a human. Werewolves are either members of a territorial Pack, led by an Alpha, or they are Loners.


Vampires – Hives & Roves

Vampires were once mortals born with excess soul, which allowed them to become supernatural creatures who feed on blood. Like most werewolves, vampires cannot survive in sunlight. Vampires are universally acknowledged to have exceptionally good taste. You will never see a vampire out in society anything less than impeccably dressed. Vampires are either members of a territorial Hive led by a Vampire Queen, or Roves (lone male vampires)



Ghost was once a mortal who was born with excess soul. Upon the death of their mortal body, this excess soul allows their ghostly form to exist in a pure supernatural state. Ghosts are addressed as “Formerly” rather than their first names or titles, in acknowledgement their supernatural state. Ghosts are tethered to their mortal remains, and as such, cannot move far from their places of burial. If these remains are moved, the ghost is forced to go with them. If their remains are damaged, or disintegrate over time, the ghost starts to deteriorate and “die”